The Europans

or The Purpose of Star Swimming

with Carlos Monleon Gendall


Above: selected stills from The Europans | 5 mins 43 secs

The Europans are a group of people driven by the will to adapt to other environments in order to spread life to other planets. Following the trail of water through the solar system, they aim for Europa - a moon of Jupiter that holds more liquid water than planet Earth under its ice sheet. By experiencing other worlds remotely through simulations the Europans imagine the journey to Europa and prepare for life under the ice. 

The first iteration of the project was a film commissioned for BIO 50 Design Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Europan - Anastasia Vikhornova 

Costume - Alexa Pollmann

Sound - LA NOCHE

Europa Ice Sheet Textures

The Europans / Descent