with Shing Tat-Chung

Never in a Million Years is a project concerned with the unlikely, the unknown and the unthinkable. Taking over an empty shop front, we presented a collection of unexpected artefacts from our exploration into the far reaches of the future. The work on display emerged from our shared interest in speculating what the science and technology of today imply for tomorrow and beyond. Augmenting the display was a storytelling dot-matrix printer, offering short stories from worlds that are perhaps the objects’ true homes. 

Never in a Million Years tells tales from the future’s underside, where unlikely human desires collide with technological progress. The area of Folkestone has a rich history in Science Fiction - H.G. Wells famously lived in Sandgate from 1901. Following on in the spirit of Wells, we curated a series of objects and imagery emerging from our speculation on the curious side of things to come.

A part of a Triennial exhibition series curated by Rolling Plinth

Special thanks to Mark McKeague for technical assistance